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Never Underestimate Your Influence

This week we take a dive into our #10 overall episode! The 10th most popular episode is Vince Torres: Never Underestimate your Influence/ Honoring Single Mamas/ When your child is Difficult which was originally published in September 2022. This one features an interview with Vince Torres and we take a deep dive into what influence you as a parent have on your kids.

Do you not fully understand the ways in which you’re influencing your kids? Are you a single parent? Do you feel as though your kids are going to be negatively impacted by things out of your control?

Here at AFWF Podcast we talk a lot about marriage and the roles both parents have. However, there are many situations that can lead someone to being a single mom. One thing Vince shared with us in his interview was the value his mom brought to his life.

He notes that she single-handedly created a better life for him than she had ever had. How did she do this? Her faith. Her faith that God would provide impacted him in more ways than he could ever share. Her faith plus her service. For Vince’s mom, she knew she could not just sit back and ask God to provide. She did her part in serving those around her to show and share her faith.

So, what are your kids learning from you? How influential are you over your kids? At the end of the day, there will be external sources impacting your children. But the most influential person to your child is you. Mom and dad. The parents are the structure and foundation of the home.

Are you worried that although you raised your children in the church, they are turning astray? The Prodigal Son shows us that even if your kids don’t follow what you’ve set up for them, they have a chance to come back home. As Proverbs 22:6 shares,

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

Wayward children, even those originally raised in the Lord’s House, with parents who did everything they could, have hope to return. Vince shares that statistically, many children who leave and “taste what the world has to offer” come home. “A child’s worldview is basically formed when the child is 13.” This means that your child is a sponge soaking everything in. Share the love and wisdom of the Lord in your house, your child will take it in.

“Be encouraged by the influence you have over your kids. It’s so strong. Don’t give up.”

Vince shares something that brings so much hope. He says, “keep investing, keep loving, and believe what the scripture says.” Don’t give up on your kids, no matter the path they follow.

“Get your hopes up, focus your prayer, and have faith.”

With all the people God could have given your children to, he chose you. He chose you.

So, for the one who does not fully understand the ways in which they’re influencing their kids, the single parent, and the one feeling as though their kids are going to be negatively impacted by things out of their control, here is what you can do today:

  1. Pray. Pray and cast your worries on Him. Lean on the Lord and allow Him to guide you. I recommend starting with Philippians 4:13 and Psalm 73:26.

  2. Reach out. Talk to those in your community, see what advice your elders or church family may have to help. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to help you reorient.

  3. Serve. Allow your family and children to see you serving the Lord. Allow your words to take action in a new way. Your children are observant. Allow something new and positive for them to observe.

Remember, the Lord will never give up on you or your children. Show yourself grace on days you feel weak. I know, better said than done. But at least try. Turn to your Bible for strength and know that with faith and a servant's heart there is always hope.

Listen to this encouragement filled episode here and remember, with a patient heart and the Lord by your side, all things are possible. You aren’t alone, in fact, I’m right there with you.

Love Always,


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