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My Breastfeeding Struggle

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Did any of you mommas have a very hard time breastfeeding at first!?

I wanted to share because I was talking to one of my beautiful new momma friends and she felt so alone when it came to the breastfeeding struggle!

I’m so grateful for her advice and this reminder because the Bible tells us to put our marriage first. And for good reason. It also gives us advice on intimacy (Yes the Bible talks about sex, God created it after all!) If we don’t keep it healthy and maintained, what kind of household will we have to raise our kids in?

I know for me it took a good 2 months before I felt like I sort of got the hang of the breastfeeding thing!! It was so hard for me. Niko used to cry once I would start to nurse him, went on a nursing strike for a couple days in a row like 3 different weeks. I felt horrible. I felt like I couldn’t feed my own baby and was worried sick he wasn’t getting the nutrition he needed from me. I remember being more emotional and worried than ever before and I spend the nights crying on my husbands chest. I mean after the whole pregnancy thing, the giving birth thing, you would think the breastfeeding thing would be easy!

My gracious cousin Kristy gave me some of her breast milk for his nursing strikes while I was trying to pump as much as I could. Ouch. And that came with a whole other level if paranoia. I was worried he never want my milk or my breast!

And another thing, it was so hard for me to leave the house. First of all who wants to leave when you don’t feel like you can feed your baby. Second, my boobs were so big it was a real workout trying to hold my boob with one hand and hold my baby’s head and body with the other while your trapped under a nursing cover and you need another hand to see your baby’s face!

One Friday I decided to go and get formula, at the last moment I said to myself, stick it out till Monday and if it’s not better then we will get formula. Well needless to say we made it over the hump and never ended up getting the formula. Thank God!

Niko was a little guy at birth. Full term and 5.12 lbs. By his 2 month appointment my baby was a solid 11 lbs and the doctor was so impressed.

We worked with an amazing lactation specialist from the United way, a free service by the way for any of you new mommas! And one thing she told me pulled me through so many days: My baby wants my milk and my breast. It was perfectly made for his mouth. Be patient.

It is so hard to gauge how much your baby is getting at the breast- making it easy to worry. Sticking with it was the best decision I could have made because it’s super easy and convenient now and I know I’m giving my baby the best nutrition possible. You got this momma. You’re doing great. Here are a few things that helped me…

1) Reach out!

There are tons of resources out there to support you and help you make it work! Check with your local United Way for a lactation consultant at no charge. Join a Facebook group so that you can ask other moms who have been in your shoes some questions. Reach out to any moms that you know for support. Some of my cousins came to my house and literally put me in tons of different positions and stuck my baby on my boob to help me figure out what would work for us!

2) Listen to your doctor!

If your baby is gaining weight then stop worrying! If not, contact a fellow breastfeeding mom and ask her if she would give you some milk while you work on getting your milk flowing. I’ve seen many moms on some of the Facebook groups share their milk.

3) Don’t beat yourself up! At the end of the day you are going to make the very best decision in taking care of your baby! If you need to turn to formula or to another mom’s breast milk- DO IT… IT’S OK!!!! It is all going to work out. Stay in faith.

With Love,

Amanda Marie…

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