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I know if you're upset then more intimacy with your husband can feel so far fetched… but let me just plant the seed…


More intimacy is a game changer inside of my marriage. Lets face it, men are strange creatures and difficult to figure out. But one thing I know is that they need that intimacy with their wives. So find ways to gift that to your husband more often.


You can’t change him but you can change yourself. We can sit here and go over a long list of things your husband needs from you, but the truth is that sex tops the list.


Our intimacy challenge is something that I truly enjoy. It makes it fun for me, makes me feel like I’m getting out of my comfort zone and excited to try something new… BUT still inside the bounds of my more reserved personality!


What I’m trying to say is we’ve spent years going to therapy and trying to figure out all of the problems and while I’m not claiming that more sex solved all of our problems- I will admit that it has smoothed out a lot of the jagged edges and we tend to let the small things go that would have normally caused a fight.


There are still many ways we have to work to serve one another but this is an important one… more sex.


P.S. if you’re anything like me you will feel awkward suggesting anything new in the bedroom but DON’T WORRY! I GOT YOUR BACK! Inside the guide I give you a step by step breakdown on how I brought this guide up the first time and let my tell you my husband came running and I was totally at ease 😁


Much Love & Praying for YOU,


Intimacy Challenge

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