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You Don't Have To Repeat Your Parents Mistakes!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Family and marriage will be far more impacting on your life than any other thing on earth!

Your parents marriage and the adults that raised you is what shaped you, and your marriage is what will go on to shape your own little family and future generations.

But here is what is cool, YOU being aware of that gives you the power to take all of the good and implement it, and mindfully LEAVE ALL OF THE BAD.

Maybe you were lucky like me to have so much good, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t NEW things you want to incorporate into your own little family culture. Do you want to get outdoors more? Do you want a farm? How about raising animals? Maybe this year is making you think homeschooling is a good fit for your fam? Maybe NOT!?😂 Working out at home in front of your family could instill a life long habit of being active?

What are some of those things for me? One thing that is important to me one is to read the Bible with my kids. To pray over them. To speak life over them, OUT LOUD. To let them see me at my worst so they can watch me lean on God and lean on my family. This way they will never have to think they have to be perfect, hide or pretend.

What are some things that are important for you to exemplify in your family?

Listen to Episode 18 of A Fight Worth Fighting Podcast to hear how messing up is OK and there is power in admitting it immediately and showing your kids how YOU take responsibility and apologize for your mistakes.

Love you!


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