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What Your Family Needs From You

Are you struggling to find balance within providing for your family and being present? Do you, as the man of the house, feel pressure to provide in more ways than you feel able to? Are you, as the woman of the house, struggling to understand what your family needs from you?

Are changes that come with having kids taking a toll on you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this episode is where you need to start in your quest for answers.

Read on for 3 Steps to help you navigate.

In the second part to last week's interview, Dan Yeazel shares the very honest reality he had to face, becoming consumed in the circle of success within his job left him missing everything within his home.

The desire to achieve more and be able to provide more left his family missing his presence. Realizing he was caught in the trap of success led him to resign and face his truth that he was needed more at home than he was at work. He came to the understanding that his attempt to provide for the good of his family instead left them missing a huge part, him.

“Put balance in your life. Careers, money, will come, jobs will come and go; your family, your kids, will be gone.”

Success, possessions, money, all will come and go, but the memories made with your family will never be replaced. As Philippians 4:19 tells us, “But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” There is more to your life than your career, and you don’t want to risk realizing this too late.

So what does this mean for the women and moms of the household? Ladies, quick question, are you struggling to not lose yourself while you put your all into your family? Well, get this… you aren’t alone. The reality is most women feel this, especially when transitioning to being a stay-at-home mom. As hard as your reality might be, the sacrifice is worth it over and over again.

The ways in which your children will flourish when being raised by their parents over babysitter’s, is undeniable. In short, your overwhelmed state is felt by so many around you and, although it may cause inner friction, know that your impact is deeper than you’ll ever understand.

So, within man and woman, your roles are different but are woven together to create the foundation for your household. Your marriage is significant. It means something, not only to you or your children, but also to the Lord. So, what is the best part of being married? For Dan, it’s unconditional love. Love that is so strong that it can overcome all. Love that holds peace, comfort, security, and stability.

What is missing from this? Selfishness. Selfishness holds no place within unconditional love. Selfishness is one of the key aspects that leads to divorce. Instead of stating everything your spouse is doing wrong, maybe sit together and analyze the problem together, take hold of your relationship, and don’t let the weakness that is selfishness leak in. No matter what, unless the Holy Spirit is strong within your marriage, you will face struggle. Leaving will note negate struggle, you will face struggle wherever you go.

As Dan shares, you have a responsibility to your children, their lives are guided by what they see. Give them something to be proud of.

So, for the one struggling to find balance within providing for your family and being present, for the one feeling pressure to provide in more ways than you feel able to, the one struggling to understand what your family needs from you and the one feeling the weight of the life with children, here are three things that can help you today:

  1. “Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” James 1:19. Actually though, following this Bible verse can help you remember to take a step back, analyze the situation as a whole, and respond in a Godly way.

  2. Communicate. Anything you are currently feeling is so valid. Your weaknesses lose power as you gain strength. Turn to your partner and voice what you’re feeling, let them offer you support. Communicating with your spouse is something that can change your outlook and perception in a matter of minutes. At the very least, they might gain insight into how better to support you.

  3. Fight for your family. Understand where you place your family, don’t place chasing success over your family. Opportunities for success will ALWAYS be there, your kids won’t.

Do these 3 steps feel overwhelming? Well guess what, you’ve already started the process. By listening to this week's episode and reading this blog you are proving to yourself you’re capable of working to better your situation. That’s all anyone can ever ask.

Listen to the second part of this two part interview here. The insight Dan shares is worth learning from. You aren’t alone in your journey to understanding and becoming everything your family needs of you, join us as we navigate the path together, strengthening and encouraging the whole way.

Love Always,


P.S. Do you need some structure behind this advice to move your marriage forward? Check out our FREE Downloadable Resource: "What to do if your Spouse is Tearing Your Marriage Apart"

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